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Organisation Associação de Telhados Verdes do Brasil (ATVBRASIL)


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ATV Brasil is a non profit association with objectives to promote the increase the use of green roofs and vegetated walls in Brazil, to supply background for legislation, to incentive research, to evidence the impacts of vegetated roofs in urban ecology. The association has been given speeches to municipal districts, media, state and federal departments as well for universities and other places as requested.

Some projects:
Osório Windmill power plant

This project was concept to be an institutional building of a windmill electricity plant.
It is located in Osório, Rio Grande do Sul. The objective is save energy and give visitors a nice view from the top of the building. A modular extensive system by Ecotelhado with about 50 kg for square meters was used. The plants were two species of sedum and portulaca. The area is around six hundred.

Residence in Vera Cruz

This green roof is on a country house and the base is a cement-fiber roof. The Ecotelhado modular system goes over and keeps the house very fresh.

Residence Building in São Paulo

In these three towers project all the accessory ground constructions are covered with extensive green roof. The difference can be seen by the neighbor building that has
regular roof.

CPFL Campinas, São Paulo

This café was designed to be a place to employees gets along in the break time. This region has warm mean temperatures refreshed by the vegetated roof.

Green living wall installation in São Paulo

Store Fabricario in Porto Alegre, modular system

This green roof was placed over ceramic tiles. It was possible due to the low weight of the Ecotelhado modular system. Before green roof the owner kept two air-conditioning on due to the bad insulation. After it remain off most of the time. The plants species are sedum dominated.

Ecologic Condominium Atmosfera in Porto Alegre on flat roofs

The Atmosfera Ecoclube opted by using the Ecotelhado as a way to control water runoff and provide comfortable temperature in the house. Between the sedum plants, native vegetation is coming.
and many more ...


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Renan Eschiletti Machado Guimarães
Adv. Especialista em Direito Ambiental (OAB/RS 81.702)
Secretário Executivo
Associação Tecnologia Verde Brasil - ATVerdeBrasil
(51) 8157-2928

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João Manuel Linck Feijó
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Phone number 55-51- 81447689
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